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Adding to its commitment of taking Aslee Indian taste to the world.

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To provide the best quality, hygiene, competitively priced food products to our customers worldwide, meeting their ever-changing demands and thereby building consumer loyalty.

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SoanPapdi Production

We have been producing Sweets for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products.


Everything you need to know about beekeeping in our overwhelming online course.

Soan Roll

We also provide a service for removing bee swarms. Just give us a call and we will deal with it right away.

tons of sweets were delivered
Plants in our one factory

Types Of SoanPapdi

Take a look at the different types of Soanpapdi we produce.

ilaichi Soanpapdi

Luxurious, flaky cubes of besan and sweet milk that melt in your mouth. Intricately layered with the mouthwatering flavours of cardamom. This original cotton candy confection of India is a treat for the young and the old!

Mysore Pak

Complex flavor’s and simple textures are combined in this classic Mysore Pak recipe, to make a beloved sweet delicacy. Divyanshu Sweets Milk Mysore Pak is a signature recipe made with desi ghee and gram flour. This milky confection is a perfect end to any meal with your loved ones.

Soan Roll

Soan Papdi re-invented as a soft, luxurious cake infused with a flavourful blast of cardamom and dry fruits. With every bite so rich and delicious, Soan Roll is an all-time favourite dessert from Divyanshu Sweets.

Karachi Halwa

Bombay Halwa or Karachi Halwa is a melt-in-mouth Indian sweet recipe that you should try during this Diwali festival.


Our Happy Customers

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